Oates Pioneers and Settlers

PeriodPioneer/SettlerOates LineWhere Settled - DatePoints of InterestSource
1740-1780John Oates3 (c.1722- 1784) Joseph2/ James1John Oates and his brother, Joseph may have moved from Duplin County, NC to Lincoln County, NC after 1752. (reference pgs. 174-179, "Roots, Seeds, and Other Things", (Vol. I), by John Martin Oates, Jr.). John Oates married Elizabeth Blount 12-1742, Tyrrell County, N.C. [N.C. Archives]

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1740-1780James Oates3 (1724-1766) Joseph2/ James1Dobbs (Wayne) County, NC
1740-1780Joseph Oates Joseph2/ James1
1740-1780Jethro Oates3 (1730-1780) Joseph2/ James1Duplin (Sampson) County, NC
1780-1820Samuel Oates (1760- 1802) James3 Fairfield County, SCSamuel died in Fairfield County, SC. His widow, Fanny Cannon (1762-1841), is buried in Cherokee, Alabama6
1780-1820Fanny (Cannon) Oates (1762- 1841),
widow of Samuel Oates (1760-1802)
moved to Cherokee Co., Alabama
James3 Cherokee, Alabama
1780-1820Richard Wyatt Oates (1762-1851) James3 Hancock County, GAWyatt Oates was a Revolutionary War Soldier6
1780-1820Stephen Oates (1764-1817) and wife, Ferebe Carraway and children, except John, moved to Darlington, SC James3 Darlington County, SCDescendants later settled in Polk County, Texas **6
1780-1820Jesse Oates (1756-1831) left N.C. in 1802. Wife, Zilpha Mason and their children, John Mason, Elizabeth, David, Bryant and Jesse Jr. and Jesse's children by his first wife, Lorohama Stevens: William, Jethro, and Nancy joined Jesse in Kentucky between 1803 and 1805. Jethro3 Muhlenberg County, Kentucky between 1803 and 1805.William Oates went first to join his father in Kentucky. He returned briefly to North Carolina to bring the family to join their father in Kentucky. None of them are known to have ever returned to North Carolina. 5
1780-1820Elizabeth Oates ((B1763) married James Blackman (D1818); moved to Tennessee in 1808Jethro3 Rutherford County, Tenn. in 18086
1780-1820Michael Oates (1765-1829)Jethro3 Mecklenburg County, NC 6
1820-1860Stephen Oates (1786-1835) widow, Elizabeth (Shipp) Oates (1788-1866), and children (Henderson, James Seavy, John C., Seany, Ferebe, Robert, Stephen Wyatt, Anna, Ephraim, Margaret, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Fanny E. ) moved to Alabama, 1842.James4/ James3 Henry County, AlabamaHusband, Stephen Oates (1786-1835) was buried in Sampson County, N.C.; she is buried in Henry County, Alabama.

Henderson, James S., Robert, John C., and Stephen Wyatt Oates moved on and settled in Texas. Most of the brothers later moved to Texas. Brother Ephraim set roots in Abbeville, Ala.**
1820-1860James Wyatt Oates (1797-1877) and wife Mary Cobb and children, Martha Catherine, James Wyatt Jr., John, and Henry C. moved to Tenn. James Wyatt Oates married second, Sophia _____ ( -1855), in Tenn. and moved to Texas.James4/ James3 Harris County, TexasMarried Mary Cobb in Sampson County, NC. They were in Dyer County, Tenn. in 1832. Mary C. Oates died in Tenn.6
1820-1860Samuel K. Oates (1796-1854)Samuel4/James3Born in Fairfield County, SC, died in Memphis, Tennessee6
1820-1860James C. Oates (1803Samuel4/James3Cherokee, Alabama6
1820-1860John Oates (Oats) (1784-1833)Stephen4/James3 Moore County, NC. Buried in "Oats Cemetery", Cameron, NC6
1820-1860James Oates (1786-1873)Stephen4/James3 Darlington County, SC The town of Oates, SC was founded by his son, William James Oates (1826-1897) who married Ann Loyd. They are buried in the Wesley Chapel Cemetery.6
1820-1860Carraway Oates (B1797- )Stephen4/James3 Alabama about 1824 6
1820-1860William Oates (B1798- )Stephen4/James3 Pike (later Bullock) Co., Alabama about 1828 His son, William Calvin Oates (1835-1910), was a Colonel in the CSA (commanded the 15th Alabama Infantry. "Gettysburg--The Battle on the Right." By Colonel Wm. C. Oates, of Alabama, SHSP, Vol. 6, pp.172-182. Later, William C. Oates was elected Governor of Alabama from 1894-1896.6
1820-1860Lewis Cogdell Oates (1809-1876) and 4th. wife, Sarah J. Gavin, and all their living children, James L, Patrick, Ann Eliza, John Washington Oates, Julia Custus, Susan A., Lucretia Jane, Sarah Lewis, Elizabeth A., and youngest daughter, Texas OatesJohn4/ Jethro3 Angelina County, Texas in 1859Moved from Sampson County, N.C. to Magnolia, N.C. in Duplin County about 1849 where he lived with his 4th wife and children until their departure for Texas in 1859. Sailed from the port of Wilmington, NC, and went up the Mississippi River, then up the Red River to their point of departure, then by covered wagon to Rocky Hill, Angelina County, Texas. There, for $1000 cash, Lewis bought 409 2/3 acres of land. 5
1820-1860Anna Maria (Ann) Oates (1806-1875) and husband Rev. Jethro Oates ( son of Jethro E. Oates)John4/ Jethro3 Shelby County, Texas after 18325
1820-1860Rev. Jethro Oates and wife Anna Maria Oates (1st. cousin)Jethro E4/ Jethro3Shelby County, Texas after 18325
1820-1860John Oates (c.1795- )Jethro E4/ Jethro3Fayette County, Tenn.Married Harriet Stevens, of Johnston County, NC, daughter of William Stevens and Zilpha (Cogdell) Stevens.5
1820-1860Curtis Caraway Oates b1814 and wife Ann McQueen Faison Oates and children, Ann Julia, Maria Olivia, Curtis Ivey, Susan Arabella, John Faison, James Varus, Lola Ellen, Minnie Irene, and Asha Elizabeth. William Thomas and Mary Eliza joined the family in Mo. after the Civil War ended. Jethro E4/ Jethro3 Pemiscot County, Missouri between 1851 and 1860. Curtis Caraway Oates, loyal to his Southern roots, refused to take the Oath of Allegiance to the Union. was imprisoned in Illinois, where he died before the Civil War ended. 5
1860-1875Henderson M. Oates (B1808) moved from Alabama to Texas Stephen5/ James4/ James3 Yazoo County, Texas5
1860-1875James Seavy Oates (1809-1863) married in 1834 in Sampson Co., his third cousin Mary M. Oates (1815-1885), grand-daughter of Jethro E. Oates, and children, Fannie, Eliza Catherine, Jesse, and Nancy Jane, moved from Henry Co., Ala. to Shelby Co., Texas. Stephen5/ James4/ James3 Shelby County, Texas5
1860-1875Robert Oates (1818-1874) moved from Alabama to Texas Stephen5/ James4/ James3 Polk County, Texas5
1860-1875John Charles Oates (1822-1887) moved from Alabama to Texas Stephen5/ James4/ James3 Gonzales County, Texas5
1860-1875Stephen Wyatt Oates (1825-1867) moved from Alabama to Texas Stephen5/ James4/ James3 Montgomery County, Texas5
1860-1875John Olen Oates (1816- )Stephen5/ Jethro E4/ Jethro3was in Edgecombe Co., N.C. in 1860 censusMarried Martha M. Mercer. Children: Fanny M., William L., Thomas D., and John Olen Oates.5
1860-1875Jethro David Oates (1841- )Jethro5/ John4 / Jethro3Unknown Destination CSA Veteran, Medical Corps. Left North Carolina for unknown destination about 1874.
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1860-1875Ann Eliza Oates (b1845- )Clayborne Ivey Oates5/JethroE4/ Jethro3Indian TerritoryThe website is seeking confirmation and additional information.7
1860-1875Jethro Daniel Oates (b1838- )Clayborne Ivey Oates5/JethroE4/ Jethro3Mobile, Alabama7
1860-1875James Oates (b1840- )Clayborne Ivey Oates5/JethroE4/ Jethro3Greenville, SC7
1860-1875Mary Gilmore Oates (b1844- )Clayborne Ivey Oates5/JethroE4/ Jethro3Moscow, Kentucky7
1860-1875Roena Oates (b1847- )Clayborne Ivey Oates5/JethroE4/ Jethro3Auburn, Alabama7
1860-1875John Curtis Oates (b1848- )Clayborne Ivey Oates5/JethroE4/ Jethro3Pine Bluff, Arkansas7
1860-1875Julie Josephine Oates (b1852- )Clayborne Ivey Oates5/JethroE4/ Jethro3Moscow, Kentuky7
1860-1875Evaline Pierce OatesClayborne Ivey Oates5/JethroE4/ Jethro3Woodland Mills, Tenn.7
1860-1875Kate OatesClayborne Ivey Oates5/JethroE4/ Jethro3Woodland Mills, Tenn., Alabama7
1860-1875Ivey OatesClayborne Ivey Oates5/JethroE4/ Jethro3Texas77

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(3)             by Addison Ford Oates
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** Logical conclusion added by webmaster

Minnie Speer Boone is a direct descendant of Curtis Caraway Oates5/Jethro E4/Jethro3
William Winebarger married Lillian Virginia Oates, a direct descendant of William Oates5/Jesse4/Jethro3
Addison Ford Oates is a direct descendant of Lewis Cogdell Oates5/John4/Jethro3
John Martin Oates Jr.(8) is a direct descendant of David Cogdell Oates5/John4/Jethro3 (Jack lives within 5 miles of the location of the “Oates Family roots” in NC)
J.M. Oates, Jr. thanks the following for assistance during the compiling/writing of Roots I and Roots II:
Lucille (Wright) Trimble of Montgomery, Alabama – Lucy Jane Oates6/Ephraim5/Stephen4/James3
Grace (Williamson) Turner of Wilson, N.C.
James B. Ingram of Oxford, N.C.
Elza Oates of Huntsville, Texas
A. Lorene (Price) Houk of Kingwood, Texas