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Jesse Oates

Jesse Oates –1756-1831 in Muhlenberg Co., KY
William Oates — 1783 in Sampson County, NC -1933 on the Miss. River m Elizabeth Earle
Bayless Earle Oates –1809-1881 m Elizabeth J. Randolph
James Wallace Oates — 1851 in Muhlenberg Co., KY-1901 m Sarah Jane Earle
Bayless Earle Oates — b 1886 m Sarah Alice Earle
Bayless Earle Oates — m Sarah Jane Mercer
Warren Mercer Oates — 1928-1982

Warren Oates  (1928-1982)

His talents are best utiilized in Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, Two-Lane Blacktop, Dillinger, Barquero, Cockfighter, and Race With the Devil. In addition to these roles, Warren Oates was brilliant in a variety of supporting parts, including such films as The Wild Bunch, Major Dundee, Badlands, The Border, and In the Heat of the Night, among others. Oates also appeared in numerous television roles, most memorably The Outer Limits, Rifle Man, Gunsmoke, and a variety of made for TV movies. He is especially good as Rooster Cogburn in the television pilot True Grit and the Hemingway adaptation, My Old Man.

Up Periscope-1959
Yellowstone Kelly-1959
The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond-1960
Private Property-1960
Hero’s Island-1962
Ride the High Country-1962
Mail Order Bride-1964
Major Dundee-1965
Return of the Seven-1966
Welcome to Hard Times-1967
In the Heat of the Night-1967
The Shooting-1967
The Split-1968
Something for a Lonely Man{TV}-1968
The Wild Bunch-1969
Crooks and Coronets-1969
The Movie Murderer{TV}-1970
There Was a Crooked Man-1970
Two-Lane Blacktop-1971
Reluctant Heroes{TV}-1971 T
he Hired Hand-1971
Tom Sawyer-1973
Kid Blue-1973
The Thief Who Came to Dinner-1973
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia-1974
White Dawn-1974
Cockfighter AKA Born To Kill-1974
Race With the Devil-1975
92 in the Shade-1975
Dixie Dynamite-1976
Sleeping Dogs-1977
The African Queen{TV}-1977
China 9,liberty 37-1978
The Brink’s Job-1978
True Grit{TV}-1978
1941 -1979 My Old Man-1979
And Baby Makes Six{TV}-1979
Baby Comes Home{TV}-1980
Prime Time-1980
East of Eden{TV}-1982
The Blue and the Grey{TV}-1982
The Border-1982
Tough Enough-1983
Blue Thunder-1983

NOTE: Two-Lane Blacktop and Cockfighter are now available on video and DVD. Mondo Video a go-go in Los Angeles carry rare and out of print Warren Oates movies such as Across The Border{great W.Oates bio-pic.} They even have a Warren Oates section. Contact me at the above link to let me know of anything I missed in the filmography.