James Seavy Oates/6

Mary M. Oates (1815-1885) m. James Seavy Oates (1809-1863)

James Seavy Oates (1809-1863) married in 1834 in Sampson Co., his third cousin Mary M. Oates (1815-1885), grand-daughter of Jethro E. Oates, and children, Fannie, Eliza Catherine, Jesse, and Nancy Jane, moved from Henry Co., Ala. to Shelby Co., Texas

James Seavy Oates and Mary M. Oates
time frame 1845

Steven Henry Oates
Stephen Henry and 2nd wife Margaret Pierson
with children L to R James, Robert Henry and Viola E.
time frame 1882 (Img002)

Robert Henry Oates
Robert Henry “Bob” and 2nd wife Beulah Garrett Oates
1945 time frame Grandfather of Steve Watson of Houston, Texas