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Ron Oates and daughter, Kathy, in earlier photo


John Martin Oates Jr.,

Author of “Roots, Seeds, and Other Things” Oates – Cogdell – Barfield – Martin,  a 1989 Genealogy
“Roots, Seeds, and Other Things” Vol. II,  King – Sutton  – Oates,  a 1993 Genealogy
Consultant to this website on accuracy of historical information
“Roots II” is currently available “on-line”, in the “Oates Family Library”.


William (Bill) P. Oates
(see above photo)

 Bill Oates is a nephew of John Martin Oates, Jr. and son of John W. Oates

William P. Oates

Manager of the computer based  “Oates Family Tree” at
Oates Family Etc. . Accessible from this site by clicking on
“Oates Family Tree” in the left index frame.  The family tree focuses on the Jethro William Oates (1858-1887) family; of the Jethro Oates line.


Jack and Ron working on the “Oates Pioneers” section of the
Oates Family website in the home of Ronald Oates, Sr. in
Faison, North Carolina – photo, 2000.

Tom Hopkins
Consultant for the Edwin Oates Family Photo Section

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 Tom is the son of Kathleen (Oates) Hopkins and oldest grandson of Edwin and Laura (Mitchell) Oates. Tom has been instrumental in locating many of the old family photos, aerial photos of the Jethro Oates lands, and other support for the website.

In Roots, Seeds, and Other Things, Volume I, John Martin Oates, Jr. wrote, ” I deeply appreciate that my nieces and nephews in the State of Michigan thought well enough of my efforts to voluntarily, and without my prior knowledge, prepare this material for book form.  If in so doing, they have learned something of our ancestral background and our kinship to present generations of the various families, then in that case, I am well pleased that I did it.” 

Further, without their initiative, the inspiration for this website would not have happened.  –  Webmaster.


 John Oates is a nephew of John Martin Oates, Jr. and son of John W. Oates

Betsy and Ron Oates

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 Ron Oates is a nephew of John Martin Oates, Jr. and son of John W. Oates



 Gary Oates is a nephew of John Martin Oates, Jr. and son of John W. Oates

Wanda and Martin Oates

Wanda (Britt) Oates prepared the manuscript for publication of “Roots, Seeds, and Other Things”, Vol. II.  Wanda is also related to Malinda Pennington, second wife of David Cogdell Oates. Wanda is pictured with husband, Martin Oates (great grandson of Jethro William Oates and son of Joseph Oates). Wanda and Martin, also care for the Oates Family Cemetery (see link in left index frame), located on the original lands of Jethro Oates (c1728-1780).

 Oates Descendants and Contributors to OatesFamily.com
The above hyperlinked page includes a list of Oates descendants and contributors across the United States who have and continue to contribute directly or indirectly to building the contents of this website. Without the tireless efforts of these researchers and others before them, the “Oates Family” would not have the wealth of information available today, about its history. It is through this history that Oates Family descendants today and in the future can know about their ancestors and be proud of their Oates Family heritage. Few families today are so fortunate, to be the beneficiaries of so much historical information, as we. Webmaster.   

Other Acknowledgements and Recognition:

Sources of Information used by this website:
(1) “Our Family Heritage”, by Minnie Speer Boone
(2) “Oates, Earle, and Related Families”, by William Winebarger
(3)             by Addison Ford Oates
(4)             by Addison Ford Oates
(5) “Roots, Seeds, and Other Things, Oates-Cogdell-Barfield-Martin” [Vol. I], by John Martin Oates, Jr.
(6) “Roots, Seeds, and Other Things, King-Sutton-Oates”, Vol. II, by John Martin Oates, Jr.
(7) FamilyTreeMaker.com

Recognitions noted by John Martin Oates, Jr. in the writing of his two books:
Minnie Speer Boone is a direct descendant of Curtis Caraway Oates5/Jethro E4/Jethro3
William Winebarger married Lillian Virginia Oates, a direct descendant of William Oates5/Jesse4/Jethro3
Addison Ford Oates is a direct descendant of Lewis Cogdell Oates5/John4/Jethro3
John Martin Oates Jr.(8) is a direct descendant of David Cogdell Oates5/John4/Jethro3 (Jack lives within 5 miles of the location of the “Oates Family roots” in NC)
J.M. Oates, Jr. thanks the following for assistance during the compiling/writing of Roots I and Roots II:
Lucille (Wright) Trimble of Montgomery, Alabama –  Lucy Jane Oates6/Ephraim5/Stephen4/James3
Grace (Williamson) Turner of Wilson, N.C.
James B. Ingram of Oxford, N.C.
Elza Oates of Huntsville, Texas
A. Lorene (Tillery) Fant Houk of Kingwood, Texas