Home Place c1800


Home Place
Sampson County, North Carolina


The above house is the oldest known structure still standing on the lands settled by John, James, Joseph, and Jethro Oates around 1750.  The original six room two-story structure was built by John Oates (son of Jethro and Artesha Oates) between 1800 and 1820.  About 1860, the house was moved to its present location by his son, David Cogdell Oates following a fire.  In the early 1900s, the upper story was removed and the house was enlarged to eight rooms by John Martin Oates and Jethro David Oates. The house is now owned by Hugh F. Oates, son of John M. Oates.

Head of HouseholdChildrenNotes
John Oates [1775-1826]
m. Susannah Cogdell
David Cogdell Oates [1802-1875]
James Blackmon Oates [1803-1887]
Anna Maria Oates [1806-1875]
Lewis Cogdell Oates [1809-1876]
Jethro Oates [1811-1841]
Susannah Oates [1814-1828]
Elizabeth A Oates Faison [1817-1902]
Brothers & Sisters who possibly visited in the home.
Jesse Oates [1755-1831]
Jethro E. Oates [1758-1823]
Lydia Oates Stevens [1760-182_]
Amy Oates [1761-1834]
Elizabeth Oates Blackman [1763-____]
Michael Oates [1765-1829]
Susannah Oates [1770-____]

Jesse settled in Muhlenberg Co., KY in 1802
Elizabeth m. James Blackman and settled in Rutherford Co., TN
Michael settled in Mecklenburg Co., NC
David Cogdell Oates [1802-1875]
m. Malinda Pennington [1836-1919]
David Jethro Oates [1855-1914]
Susan Oates Perrett [1857-1887]
Jethro William Oates [1858-1887]
Susan Oates married Tom Perrett.
The two built a home in the Town of Faison in the 1880's. Sadly,
Susan would die in 1887 within two weeks of the death of her
brother, Jethro William Oates. from a type of flu.
Jethro William Oates [1858-1887]
m. "Mittie" Martin [1861-1941]
Edwin Oates [1884-1945]
Jethro David Oates [1885-1957]
Lilly Oates [1886-1965]
John Martin Oates [1887-1968]
Lilly Oates married Dewey "Duke" McCullen and moved to the
Town of Faison. Lilly operated the Faison Hotel, in the 1920's,
a boarding place and popular lunch destination for
business men in Faison.
John Martin Oates [1887-1968]
m. Blanche Sutton [1890-1974]
Ronald Oates [1911-2000]
Ralph Oates