Oates Family Veterans

NameMilitary PictureWARBranchDetails
Oates, JamesREVArmySon of Joseph Oates. Captain, First Company 1766
Oates, JethroREVArmySon of Joseph Oates. Commissioned Ensign (2nd Lt.) 1761-1765
Oates, JohnREVArmySon of Joseph Oates. Captain 1764
Oates, Jesse1812ArmySon of , 4th Sgt. Rifleman, 1st Company, N.C. Troops. Dated and detached from Cumberland Regiment, 4-10-1812.
Oates, ArchibaldCWCSA
son of Temperance and Stephen Oates Jr. Born 1825 in S.C. 21st Alabama Conscripts Co. G. Was captured at Ft Gaines, Battle of Mobile Bay. Died of typhoid 10/8/64 at St Louis Hosp, New Orleans, La.
Oates, David W.CWCSA
1st. Lt.; wounded and captured near Deep Bottom, VA on July 28, 1864. Held as a POW in Washington D.C. prison until 6-17-1865.
Oates, James C.CWCSA
Private, enlisted in 1861
Oates, James H.CW CSA
Private, enlisted in 1861
Oates, James L.CW CSA
James Oates line. Texas. Died on June 23, 1863.
Oates, Jethro D.jethro_d_oates_CWCW CSA
Son of Jethro and Nancy (Bradshaw) Oates. B1841. Sergeant. Enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1861 as a Private, Company A, Regiment 61, Infantry
Oates, John A.
(brother of Col. William C. Oates)
James Oates line. 1st Lt., Co. G, 15th Alabama. Click to read about John A. Oates, "No brothers loved each other more" Gettysburg Battle. Died on July 25, 1863 at Gettysburg. Message left on "Oates' Rock"
Oates, William CalvinWilliam_Calvin_Oates_Ala_CWCWCSA
James Oates line. Colonel, 15th Alabama. Fought against Col. Joshua Chamberlain in Battle of Little Round Top at Gettysburg. The two are the subject of several books on Gettysburg. Later, William C. Oates became Governor of Alabama and a US Congressman. "Gettysburg--The Battle on the Right." By Colonel Wm. C. Oates, of Alabama. WC Oates Links
Martin, GilesCWCSA
Brother-in-law of Jethro William Oates, Rt. 1, Faison....Born in Wayne County, N.C.. Private, CSA. Enlisted at age 22, June 17, 1861.
Martin, William BryantBRYANT_MARTINCWCSA
Jethro Oates line. Brother-in-law of Jethro William Oates. Born in Wayne County, North Carolina. Private, CSA. Enlisted at age 22, June 17, 1861. He was wounded at South Mountain, Maryland, September 14, 1862, and died from wounds on October 16, 1862. Battlefield Letter
Oates, JesseCWCSA
son of James Seavy and Mary M. Oates. Died in CSA 1863
Oates, Stephen HenryCWCSA
son James Seavy and Mary M. Oates wounded in CSA
Oates, John CharlesIndian WarsJames Oates line.
Oates, James ArthurWWI_OATES_James_Arthur_120WWWIArmyJethro Oates line. Son of Jethro David and Minnie Martin Oates. Served in France. Also served in Mexico
Oates, Leon GarlandLeon_Oates_WWIWWIArmyJethro Oates line. Son of Jethro David and Minnie Martin Oates.
Oates, Stephen HulonWWIArmy son of Steven Henry Oates and Margaret Pierson and grandson of James Seavy Oates and Mary M. Oates was Killed in France WW1
Jones, Eddis
eddis_jones_WWIIWWIINavyHusband of Hilda Oates Jones. Mar 1944 - Jan 1946. Stationed at Admiralty Island, near New Guinea. Was a Navy welder on an ABSD-2 Floating Dry dock. Facility repaired Navy vessels assigned to the Pacific Fleet.
Oates, Richard AaronWWI_OATES_Richard_Aaron_WWI_120x150WWIIArmySon of Jethro David Oates and Minnie Martin Oates, Rt. 1 Faison
Oates, Agnes (Marshall)
Agnes_Marshall_Oates_WWIIWWIIArmyLater, wife of John Martin Oates, Jr. Agnes achieved the rank of Captain in the U.S. Army Nurse Corp. in 1944. Unknowing to Agnes, her future husband, John Martin Oates, Jr., (Jack), at that time was stationed on New Caledonia, South Pacific.
Oates, Herbert Koseuth
HK_Oates_WWIIWWIINavy Son of Jethro David and Minnie Martin Oates. Gunner's Mate. Herbert served on a PT Boat. He spent time in Italy, Bermuda, and other locations.
Oates, Hugh F.HUGH_OATES_WWIIWWIIArmySon of Blanche and John Martin Oates Sr. 1945-1946, Cpl., Stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C.
Oates, Jethro David (J.D.), Jr.
JD_OATES_WWIIWWIINavySon of Dorothy and Jethro Oates. Rank: Coxswain
Oates, Joe T.
JOE_OATES_WWIIWWIIArmySon of Laura and Edwin Oates. Oct 1942-duration, Sgt., Mess. Stationed in Europe. Fought against the advancing German Army during the Battle of the Bulge.
Oates, John E.john_e_oates_WWIIWWIIArmySon of Laura and Edwin Oates. 1941-1946, Cpl., Stationed in the Pacific. Was awarded the Silver Star medal for gallantry in action against the Japanese in the Philippines.
John E. Oates' Silver Star
Oates, John M. (Jack)Jack_Oates_WWIIWWIIArmySon of Blanche and John Martin Oates Sr. Oct 1942- 1946, Cpl. in chemical warfare unit. Stationed in New Caledonia, Manila, and Kobe, Japan. Jack Oates' WWII Pacific Photo Album
Oates, John William OatesJohn_W_Oates_WWIIWWIIArmySon of Blanche and John Martin Oates Sr. 1943-1946, Cpl., Stationed in France. After the war ended in Europe was sent to Manila and then to Nagoya, Japan.
John William Oates' WWII PhotoAlbum.
Oates, Luther EugeneWWIINavySon of James Arthur Oates and grandson of David and Minnie Oates. Served from 1945-1946 on the USS Burleigh APA 95. He was stationed in the Phillipines, Guam, and Panama Canal.
Oates, Ralph B.Ralph_Oates_WWIIWWIIArmy Air CorpSon of Blanche and John Martin Oates Sr. 1943-end of war. Pvt. in Army Air Corp ground crew. Stationed in England
Oates, Steve Henry (KIA)WWII son of Robert Henry Oates and Beulah Garrett Died when his plane crashed in WW2
Odom, TatumWWIIArmyHusband of Joyce Oates Odom (no details available)
Smith, Philip C., Jr.WWIINavyHusband of Laura (Jim) Oates Smith. LCdr. USN Ret. US Naval Academy - 1946. Served on aircraft carrier, Mindoro, CVE 120, for 32 months, then flight school at Pensacola, Fla. and Corpus Christie Texas. Flew in various squadrons for approximately 17 years. Stationed in Maine, Ohio, Hawaii, Bermuda, and other places. Deployed around the globe. Retired in 1966. Began a second career in Library Sciences at several colleges. After many years of living in many places around the country, Philip and Laura put their "flaps down" and made their "final landing" with retirement in Wilmington, N.C. Their e-mail address is appropriately, finelanding@prodigy.net
Westbrook, John
WWIIArmyHusband of Jean Oates Westbrook. Stationed in Miss. and Kansas. Honored as "Expert Marksman"
Martin, Gene
EugeneMartin_KoreaKorean War eraHusband of Margaret Oates Martin. (more details later)
Oates, Norwood KeithKorean War eraArmySon of Richard Aaron and Mildred Grady Oates and grandson of David Jethro and Minnie Martin Oates. Served in the Army from 1/5/49 to 1/7/52. Discharged with rank of Sargeant. Successfully completed the Airborne Jump School at Fort Benning, Ga. in Sept 1949 and was assigned to 11TH Airborne Medical Battlion at Fort Campbell Ky. In August 1950 he was assigned to the 187TH Airborne Regimental Combat Team as a Medical Aidman and spent 10 months in Korea. He made combat parachute jumps behind enemy lines 10/20/50 and 3/23/51. He was awarded The Bronze Star Medal with "V" Device, Purple Heart, Medical Badge, Parachute Badge, Meritorious Unit Citation and Korean Sv Medal w/4bz sv stars and arrowhead. After being discharged from the Army he completed High School and graduated from N. C. State University in 1959 with a B. S. Degree in Engineering.
Oates, Robert (Bob) L.Bob_Oates_KoreaKorean War eraArmySon of Laura and Edwin Oates. 1950-1952, Pvt.
Oates, Sam
SAM_OATES_KoreaKorean War eraArmy Son of Laura and Edwin Oates. 1951-1954, Pacific - Korea. Served on Cruiser Rochester
Burch, David Carroll (KIA)VN_BURCH_David_120x150VietnamArmy
Connell, DanDAN_CONNELL_VIETNAMVietnamArmy
McCullen, Cecil Dewey Jr.C_Dewey_McCullen_VNVietnamArmy
McCullen, RichardVietnamAir Force
Oates, Jethro David, IIIVietnam
Oates, Joe Thomas, Jr.
J_T_OatesVietnam eraAir Force
Oates, John Martin IIIJohn_and_Bill_Oates_VNVietnam eraArmy
Oates, Michael OatesVietnamArmy
Oates, Rudolph (Rudy) OwensVietnam eraAir Force
Oates, Tommy Gene (KIA)
VietnamArmy"Jethro Oates line. Jethro David Oates/ Truman Oates/ Thomas Gordon Oates/
Army Infantry. Served in Vietnam. [KIA] (b1950-d1969) "
Oates, William (Bill) PeterJohn_and_Bill_Oates_VNVietnamArmy
Riggle, LawrenceVietnam era
Riggle, George McCoy Vietnam era
Oates, Lawson Scott Scott_Oates_post-VNPost-VNNavy Seal
Oates, Stuart Randall (Randy)Post-VNNavy