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A. Lorene (Tillery) Fant Houk of Kingwood, Texas
Files include the following documents:
Petitions to the Court of Perquimans Co., North Carolina by the sons of Joseph Oates (1697-1747, reveals a 4th son, also named Joseph.

Shelby County, Texas - Oates Land Transactions
Genealogy Files of Lorene Houk

Decendants of James Oates

Lorene Houk Descendants of Jethro Oates

State of Texas - 1861 [Houk]

Oates Sons Petition to Court
Lorene (Tillery) Houk is a descendant of both the James Oates and Jethro Oates lines by the marriage of fifth cousins James Seavy Oates (1809-1863), son of Steven and Elizabeth (Shipp) Oates, grandson of James Oates, and Mary Mariah Oates (1815-1885), granddaughter of Jethro E. Oates, in Sampson Co., N.C. in 1834. Later, they and their children, Fannie, Eliza Catherine, Jesse, and Nancy Jane, moved from Henry Co., Ala. to Shelby Co., Texas. Jesse was killed during the Civil War.
Most noteworthy of Lorene's genealogy work was the discovery of the fourth petition, that of a fourth son of Joseph Oates (1697-1747) during a trip to Salt Lake City.

These documents prove that there was a fourth child, a son named Joseph. More than likely then, the Joseph Oates in Sampson County and Bladen County, as late as the 1770's was the son. The father apparently died in 1747, as written in Minnie Speer Boone's book. Assuming that Jethro's petition was made at the same time as John's in 1749, then Jethro Oates probably was born in 1728, rather than 1732 (conclusion of John Martin Oates, Jr.), since he would have "arisen to full age" (21 years old) in 1749.
Genealogy Files of Researcher Lee Hanson
Oates in KentuckyGenealogist Lee Hanson - Oates in Kentucky

Notes on Oates in Kentucky

Lee Hanson - Earle Narrative

Lee Hanson - Oates Narrative

Oates-Earle Pedigree
Genealogy Files of Researcher
Le Bateman
"Notes" from Le

Bladen County, NC and Joseph Oates
Genealogist Le Bateman files

Le Bateman Research on Joseph Oates
Bladen County, NC and Joseph Oates

Genealogy Files of Researcher Melanie Oates Malone
Oates-Wolfe House in Cleveland County, NC Wolf-Oates HouseOates House on Muddy Fork Creek, a branch of Buffalo Creek..
Oates Family in Europe file:

What we know about the Oates family in England and other areas from the earliest recorded period
Oates Family in Yorkshire, England 1530
Barbados file:

What we know about Oates ancestors that traveled from Europe to settle in Barbados in the 1600's and later migrated to Colonial America.
James [the Elder] Oates file:

What we know about James Oates and his origins
Last Will and Testament of James Oates James Oates (1660-1703) will dated 24 July, 1703. Father of Joseph Oates
John Oates file:

What we know about John Oates, son of Joseph, that may be helpful in the discovery of his descendants
Various documents, important to researchers in establishing the descendants of John Oates, son of Joseph Oates (1697-1747)
Will of Jacob Blount Sr. father-in-law of John Oates
Le Bateman
Joseph Oates file:

What we know about Joseph Oates, son of Joseph, that may be helpful in the discovery of his descendants
Bladen Co. Tax Records 1768 that indicate that Joseph Oates (Jr.) had a son named Carraway OatesLe Bateman
Artesha Oates' Maiden Name

What we currently know
Two Theories: Carraway or King; which one is correct ?
US Census - Oates in NCCensus Oates in NC around 1800