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Tribute to John Edwin Oates by John Martin Oates, Jr.
Tribute to Captain David Carroll Burch (KIA in Vietnam)
Memoir: "My Oates Grandmothers"
by Ruth E. Dunlop
Amy and Susannah Oates My Oates GrandmothersRuth (Parsons) Dunlop is a descendant of Jethro Oates by two of Jethro's daughters; Amy Oates who married Stephen King and Susannah Oates who married Joseph Darden. In 1860, the two lines joined, with the marriage of Alvin King and Susan Darden. (see Oates descendants contributors list accessible from "About us" and "Oates Pioneers" sections for more information on the lines of Ruth Dunlop.
Memoir: John Martin Oates. Jr.Memoirs, Part I
Completed on July 4, 2000. "Memories Preserved", Part I, by John Martin Oates, Jr. Period 1930s
Memoirs, Part II
"Memories Preserved", Part II, by John Martin Oates, Jr.
Memoirs - Part I - John Martin Oates Jr.

Memoirs Part II

A 12 page hand written treatise about the happenings during the "olden days" (period 1929-1939) on the farm in Sampson County, North Carolina.
Memoir: Kathleen Lindsay (Oates) HopkinsUnfinished Memoir
"Things I Remember Growing up on the Farm in Sampson Co., during the Depression Years" by Kathleen Lindsey (Oates) Hopkins

Christmas Memories, as a child

December 10, 1910 Letter
Kathleen Oates Hopkins Memoir at age 90Kathleen (Oates) Hopkins will celebrate her 90th birthday, February 21, 2002. But in her own hand, she wrote a few words that express her memory of growing up on the farm during the 1920's. Kathleen graduated from East Carolina Teachers College in the 1930's. She still has a home on Oates land dating back to the 1700's, in Sampson County. Kathleen's current address is Kathleen O. Hopkins, Room 316, Mary Gran Nursing Center, 120 Southwood Drive, Clinton, NC 28328. She is still an avid reader at nearly 90 years of age.
Memoir: Loretta Oates - David Jethro Oates & Minnie Martin Oates Family MemoirsBiography of Herbert Oates

My memories of visiting Sampson County as a Child by Loretta Oates Davis
Bio of Herbert K Oates

Memoir of Loretta Oates Davis
Civil War Letter from Confederate KIACivil War Letter from Confederate KIAWilliam Bryant Martin
Obit of Sue MartinObit of Sue Martin
Letter by Laura Oates - 1910Letter by Laura Oates - 1910